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Thursday, 25 April 2024  
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OmegaHealth Info
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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


EAT well, they say “You Are What You Eat”. Omegas help promote Heart Health, Brain Health and Eye Health. Along with other nutrients they are found naturally in products such as flaxseed, canola, dark green leafy vegetables, fish, avocados and  nuts.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it helps to start your body moving and helps your mind to concentrate each morning. Fresh foods are not always available and supplements can be helpful.
The Omega FUNctional FOODS® range of products can easily blend in with todays diets. Breakfast Omegas such as OmegaHoney®, OmegaMite®, OmegaSmart®-Omega® Peanut Butter are a manageable and easy way to get your Omegas. Other Omega® FUNctonal FOODS® are OmegaMayo® and Nature’s Blend® Flaxseed Oil.

The Omega FUNctional FOODS® are also Gluten Free which is great for Coeliacs (seel-ee-aks) who are gluten intolerant.

Small snacks (of healthy foods) instead of big meals, taking smaller bites (or eat with smaller cutlery or chopsticks) and chewing your food is also a good way to balance your diet.
The Japanese have a great saying “Hara Hachi Bu” – “Eat only until 80% full”.

Everything in moderation. 

THINK  positive find something to smile about. Have some “ME TIME”, time to think and relax to give yourself time to sort out what is on your mind and declutter your mind which may help you think straight and destress. You might think while you take a walk, go for a jog or potter in the garden or meditating or reading or just relax and listen to music. This will help clear your mind to concentrate and help to make better decisions.  “ME TIME” may be a good time to look at some of your problems, prioritise them to start planning to solve them which  may help you feel better, think positive and in turn help sleep better.
Your mind is an important asset and as they say “Use It Or Lose It”. You can help keep your mind active simply by reading a book, doing puzzles or taking up a hobby.

Thinking positive can also help you be confident to achieve goals. When making goals for yourself, plan your goal into stages. Where you want to be and small goals to achieve along the way to your main goal. Achieving small goals along the way will  feel like a small reward and that you are getting somewhere (and not disheartened), give you confidence to keep you positive and inspired. First goals such as for dieting can be as simple as adding a piece of fruit or omegas to your diet, or eating in moderation, having a glass of water before meals or going for a walk. When you reach a goal no matter how small give yourself a big hug, a pat on the back or do a small celebration dance (any exercise is good). As they say "Today is the first day of the rest of your Life". Think positive, believe in yourself, put your arms up and reach for the stars (it’s also a start to exercising). Remember achieving goals can give confidence and sometimes lead to other unexpected opportunities along the way.  

MOVE They say “Move It or Lose It”. Exercise no matter how little can help be of benefit to your health. Get some fresh air, go for a stroll, walk the dog, ride a bike, go for a jog, do some gardening. If not possible while sitting wriggle your toes around, lift your arms, stretch your fingers, touch your toes, wriggle your shoulders or stretch your back. Practice breathing exercises such as deep breaths in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Any of these can help your blood start moving.

GLOW Your AURA is what makes you glow. Oprah has an aura, The Queen has an aura. Some Australians with an aura are Michele Timms (Olympian basketball), Andrew Gaze (Olympian basketball), Harry Kewell (soccer), John Eales (rugby), Ian Thorpe (Olympian swimming), Kylie Minogue (performer/actor), Hugh Jackson (performer/actor). People with an aura walk in the room and their positive persona precedes them and the room feels like it lights up, like a light turns on. 

Their positive aura can be recognised by their fans and in turn fan base grows by the "Ripple Affect" as their fans/adulaters talk in a positive way about them "Telling two friends and they tell two friends and so on and so on" (even more with the internet). 

Your aura can glow more around you when you are firstly positive, confident, inspiring, such as role models. You have to keep working at maintaining your aura.
Some ways to help you achieve your glow is eating well, thinking positive, doing well and a nice happy smile is good. As they say “Smile and the whole world smiles with you”. 

Inspire yourself and you may even show your glow and inspire others.
Start turning your light on today.

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